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While living in South Africa, I became concerned with the plight of refugees from Zimbabwe. Thousands of them would sneak across the boarder by swimming the Limpopo River, using plastic milk containers as flotation devices. They avoided the border guards, but were exposed to attacks by crocodiles and hippos. Their plight would not have been so difficult were it not for the horrid mismanagement of Zimbabwe by its president, Robert Mugabe. This is my Robert Mugabe: Nobody Gets to Ride bicycle. The tandem bikes form the flag of Zimbabwe, with no seats or bars for passengers to ride. The front and rear brakes are locked together in crisis and the inflation level on each tire is different. Each tire carries the monetary inflation rate of Zimbabwa for a two week period. The four tires show the nation inflation rate from October thru November of 2008. Yes, that's a lot of zeros.



Materials: Steel and bicycle parts

Dimensions:  [H]  90"  x    [W]  62"   x    [D]  14"

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