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An Excercycle for Marcel Duchamp


Marcel Duchamp first produced his “assisted readymade” Stool with Bicycle Wheel in 1913. I asked myself, "What would it look like if Marcel Duchamp had an exercycle today?” Le Velo d’Appartement pour Marcel Duchamp is my homage to the Dada master. In keeping with Duchampian principles, one can peddle hard on this large male appendage and never go anywhere. There are also rear-view mirrors that don’t function in the usual manner. The right mirror is for men; it contains the message (in French) that “The person in the mirror is better looking than they appear.” The left mirror is for women and replicates Duchamp’s message on his 1919 defaced postcard of the Mona Lisa. The rider can align herself with the mustache and goatee on the mirror, and the letters L.H.O.O.Q. (Elle a chaud au cul), translate as “She has a hot ass.”





Materials:  Steel, Foam, Vinyl, Wood, Plastic, & Bicycle Parts

Dimensions:  [H]  125"  x    [L]  117"   x    [W]  35"

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