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We are all involved in the same race, the human race. I have long enjoyed watching the Tour de France and admired the heroics of Greg LaMond and other cyclists. We must never forget, however, that we are all racers. We may only have one gear and one brake, but we need to participate in the human race.


This Dr. Seuss-style racing tricycle, and its autobiographical nature, was created prior to my wife and I moving to South Africa. The team name is a compilation of our names.  The slogan “From Kalamazoo to Timbuktu” is derived from a well-known children’s book by Harriet Ziefert and Tanya Roitman. That slogan relates to the fact that I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and yes, I know, Timbuktu is in Mali and not in South Africa. The number 24 was my high school sports number, and the white nine-pointed star is a symbol of the Baha’i Faith.




Materials:  Steel and bicycle parts

Dimensions:  [H]  66"  x    [L]  84"   x    [W]  32"

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